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So. I originally started this blog to merely share images, colors, rooms etc that excited me. Nothing more, Nothing less.

After a quick comment made by a good friend last weekend, Beth Yeckley has convinced me to do more writing in my blog. From now on I will try and share a little more about myself, what I am up to and further information on where I find my images and what it is that I enjoy about them all.

Let me start off by sharing some information so that you all can get a better idea of who I am:
I am an Industrial Designer by training, but an artist at heart. I love both realms of being a designer and being an artist, but this whole blog started because I realized that I just might be more in love with the relaxed, free flowing, "no need for justification" that comes with being an Artist - as opposed to the reasoning, purpose and justification that comes with being a Designer.
This blog is my outlet to try out other areas of art and design. I express my love for interiors, colors and materials through this blog. I am also going to try harder to include my latest hobby: cooking! Keep posted for awesome recipes that I am trying out. I'll let you know which ones are worth cooking.

Now. On a more personal note. I am a recently married, recently graduated 22 year old. My husband Alex Newton and I both graduated from The Savannah College of Art and Design with BFA's in Industrial Design. We were married in December of 2008 and since then have lived and worked in China for 7 months, moved to Atlanta GA and are currently enjoying our lives as an Industrial Designer at Big Bang Design Consultancy (myself) and an at home freelance Designer (Alex).

Now that we have all that out of the way - It is nice meeting you all and I hope to bring you inspiration and interesting posting on a regular basis. I have many more stories and info to share with you all, so stay posted . . .

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