plattdana architects

"Platt Dana Architects draws on the strengths of principals Hope Dana and Kate Platt to achieve its signature mix of classic and modern design. The firm’s philosophy is rooted in finding elegant and timeless solutions to a broad range of complex architectural projects. Each project’s logical design resolution makes sense of the often conflicting initial constraints imposed by site conditions, building codes, functional requirements, and aesthetic goals."

Below is a selection of projects via the plattdana website



Rough Linen

Rough Linen sells very simple Linen textile collections made up of color blocks and geometric patterns. The pillows and duvets are very basic, but the colors and the texture of the linen is what sells these.

Interesting Finds 07.24.2010

I'm really diggin' these finds today. . . they're all so great

Last Night's Dinner

Last night I made pasta with asparagus, chicken and tomatoes. . . pretty good - very light and no sauce needed. 

Recipe via Food Network

I also made this Caraway Soda Bread w/ olive oil (no yeast needed. very easy to make for beginners like myself)

Recipe via Simple Recipes

Coffee and Cookies

This lovely spread was attained via Sunday Suppers

Recipe :: Piccolo Affogato al Caffe
Makes 12
3 cups vanilla gelato or ice cream
2 cups strongly brewed espresso
Garnish: espresso beans
Arrange 12 small glasses on a rimmed baking sheet. Fill each with 1/4 cup gelato. Freeze until firm, about 30 minutes. Pour 3 tablespoons espresso over each. Garnish with espresso beans. Serve immediately.
Recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart Living

interesting finds 07.19.2010

sweet kicks

grey + sea foam green + peach accent = bad ass color scheme