forbes and lomax

First seen on Remodelista, these fixtures and fittings by Forbes and Lomax allow one to minimize the statement that is made by most face plates. By reducing the size of the fixture and using an acrylic faceplate, the wall can still be exposed in all of it's glory.

(I'm not a huge fan of their choice of wallpaper, but the concept is still nice!)


This photo collection is in response to all of Roost's great images they produce and post for all of us to see! Please take a look and check out the blog for more inspiring food/lifestyle photography.

moss terrarium

Finally made myself a terrarium . . .
It's so simple to do and so nice to have in the apartment! It's cool to own a little slice of earth contained so nicely in a glass jar.

Intel Visual Life - The Sartorialist

just watch the video . . .

ladders in kitchens

For those of you who have seen me in person, know that I am not the tallest of women. Being 5'1" and having a love for high ceilings, especially in kitchens (see recent blog on opening up your kitchen) I have found a love for ladders in the kitchen. Most commonly found in libraries, these ladders can assist people of all sizes to utilize and access all those hard to reach places!

Let's not stop in the kitchen though. A ladder on a track system could be handy in all sorts of different environments!


Here's an example of the track and ladder system in a bathroom!

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