Home Tour

This home by Keystone Projects Ltd. boasts high ceilings, structural beams, stone exterior mixed with glass breezeways. . . . must I say more?

uh, hello? This is the garage . . . .

Gretel Whisk

I first saw these whisks on Design Sponge and immediately clicked the link to learn more about Gretel's simple/pretty designs. Gretel has carried on their design language to a variety of other lines to create simple and functional products. Please take a look at their site learn more - until then, enjoy these images.

[ images via design sponge, cookinglight ]

Neutral Spaces

An interesting living room design by Gregory Heitzler Design.
I like all the different textures and finishes. . .

 . . . and yet another neutral space

Great kitchen by Ken Linsteadt Architects.
Check out the website. They create really nice open spaces. I especially like the kitchens they design.

Things Organized Neatly

Love this new blog I came across recently! It's called "Things Organized Neatly". I think the name pretty much sums up its content. Here is a little sampling, but please go check out the blog for all the interesting imagery.

image purge

I had a lot of images that were been piling up. . . Please enjoy this image purge.