steer horns

My latest purchase! This weekend I bought these steer horns in cast resin from Restoration Hardware. They were having a sale and I have had my eye on a pair of antlers/skull/horns for quite some time now. Aren't they great?!

the right way to convert a barn into a home

Shed is a Seatlle based firm which was founded on the motto "we design things and we make them". Shed has grown since that motto was coined and now is no longer responsible for all the construction of their designs, but continues to hold strong to these main beliefs:

 " We believe that architecture is a practical art.
    We believe that a pragmatic approach yields progressive design solutions.
    We believe that buildings must use resources wisely.
    We believe that architecture must sustain the way people live, work and play."

[ images via Shed ]

open up your kitchen

If the kitchen truly is the room that people always end up in, why don't we all take the time to make our kitchens the focal point of the house? That is of course IF one has the means to do so.

Nonetheless, enjoy this selection of kitchen elements:

1. Soaring Ceilings: Who needs that extra bedroom or attic space above your kitchen? Gut it out! And allow yourself the freedom this open space offers.

2. Windows, Windows, Windows: If you have the opportunity to add natural light to your kitchen - do it. Free wall to convert into a window? Space above the cabinets that could allow for some windows to let in some light?  . . . Do it.

3. Farmhouse Sinks, Vegetation and a Gazing Window: I myself do not have a dishwasher and love the idea of a huge sink with a great window to gaze out of while washing. Whether you hand wash or machine wash, farmhouse sinks allow to pile in chores of all sorts - a great addition to the kitchen!

[images in order via formations, unknown, signi e sorrisi ]

Citrus Yellow: The color of 2011

"A light yellow color and fresh citrus, and reflect a free spirit, a sense of fun and positive energy. one dominant trend that is “appreciation” and the five trends that originated from this idea. every trend translated into contemporary color palettes. and the ‘color of the year’ that have been selected for this year is ‘Citrus Yellow’, a color that could represent a summary of feelings, behavior, and fashion"

(i totally dig this.) In honor of citrus, I have created a board to express my appreciation: enjoy!

[ 1. The sartorialist (mustard socks)  2. Marc Jacobs Clutch  3. Haus Dip cup  4. South of Market Pendant ]  

breakfast sliders

My husband is a big breakfast guy and loves a good hearty meal in the mornings. Of course most mornings do not allow the time to make these mini poached egg sandwiches - Saturdays, Alex often sits down to a meal such as this.

The sliders consist of:
- buttermilk buscuits
- a poached egg
- sliced tomato
- pastrami
- cheese of choice (in this case sharp cheddar)

Give them a try some time!

[ image via Jesse Newton | Delve ]