Industrial Design at work

If any of you out there aren't quite sure what an Industrial Designer does, this video is a great example - and isn't TOO far from what we do today. (although most of the model building is now done on computers and often built by computers)

"'The Decanter,' a promotional film produced by Walter Landor and Associates in the 1960s, shows the start-to-finish process of several of Landor's designs for Old Fitzgerald whiskey. Narrated by Walter himself, the film depicts creative teams illustrating and critiquing designs, industrial designers fabricating models, and research teams conducting focus groups and testing in Landor's supermarket laboratory. All takes place on the famed Klamath ferryboat docked at San Francisco's Pier 5, which housed Landor's offices for some 20 years."

Design story: The Decanter from Landor Associates on Vimeo.


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