I have passed this adorable store on the corner of my street for months now, wondering and wanting to go in, but never having the time. I finally got to pop my head in, as well as speak briefly to one of their designers, to find exactly what it is that they do. Very impressed by their craftsmanship, colors and simplicity, I introduce to you, Blabla.

"Blabla's collection is designed by Florence Wetterwald and knitted by Peruvian artisans. Everything is made from natural fibers of exceptional quality grown in Peru, making the line irresistibly soft and cuddly.
Florence's poetic, simple and vibrant style combined with the ancestral knowledge of the knitters has created products which look contemporary, yet feel like old friends."

[ the above images are examples of their rattle (the birds) and their "boogaloos" (their sock toys) ]

For more information about Blabla and where to purchase click here

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