lavish in atlanta

I would love to attend this weekend event here in Atlanta. If you have the funds/time to see all the interesting things Lavish has to offer, please register! There will be multiple speakers and events that focus on promoting your blog into a business.

{the following statements were pulled from lavish's webste}
Believe it or not, lavish! began as a mere tweet-up.  Yes.

The brainchild of veteran social media enthusiast, Shameeka Ayers (a.k.a. The Broke Socialite),lavish! was created as an alternative to the Mommy/Techie/Pundit social media scenes.  Much to their credit, the aforementioned communities organized themselves and are now forces to be reckoned with in the blogosphere.
Having attended several social media conferences and workshops, Shameeka noticed a void in the educational content and networking opportunities for bloggers who were thriving in traditional lifestyle categories:
    Fashion and Beauty
•    Food and Wine
•    Shelter and Interiors
•    Travel and Leisure
•    Creative Arts
•    General Lifestyle


  1. oh yeah! when i did social media marketing i found her, and we actually traded a few emails. she is so sweet and super helpful. told me of some great antique shops, but she has been building a good reputation for a while, including with retreats, etc.

    neat! haha

  2. Awesome.
    Would you be interested in going with me? I'm tempted, but need to fork up some cash first. . .