Art I'd like to have in my home.

About the artist:
"The pixelation of these faces confounds our anthropomorphic projections and frustrates our tendency to want to read signs of temperament/character in our pet animals. A common reaction is to assume criminality – perhaps that’s just a sign of watching too much Cops With Cameras . 'I am a 19 year old female/painter, born in North Carolina but very much of British descent. When I am not in the studio I can be found writing explicit limericks, reading furiously, or modelling for other young artists and designers.'"

About the artist:
"Concerned with the contemporary reinterpretation of history and historical artifacts, Michael Hall creates paintings, sculpture and videos that examine the struggle between control and protection, nostalgia and the mythic image. Whether recontextualizing California coastal landscape painting to reveal it’s hidden and deteriorating military past or documenting the excess and loss of the physical photographic object, Hall’s work explores our pathos for the past while investigating our relationship to it in the present."

via Mammoth and Company

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